The 2011 FluidDTU Summer School took place at
Krogerup Højskole in August




The speakers are:


 Hassan Aref (Viginia)

 Vortex patterns

 Mathematics of vortex patterns

 ( abstract)



 John Bush (MIT)

 Surface Tension and Biocapillarity

 Quantum Capillarity

 ( abstract)





 Christophe Clanet (Paris)

 Physics of Sports (I, II)

 ( abstract)





 Yves Couder (Paris)

 The self-propulsion of localised Faraday modes excited by a bouncing droplet

 A macroscopic type of wave-particle duality

 ( abstract)




Raymond Goldstein (Cambridge)


 Will regrettably not be coming





 Martin van Hecke (Leiden)

 Core ideas of jamming

 Flow near Jamming

 ( abstract)



 Thomas Leweke (Marseille)

 Wakes behind wings (I & II)

 ( abstract)





 Amala Mahadevan (Boston U.)

 Ocean Eddies - I  -  effects of rotation and density variations

 Ocean Eddies - II -  effects on plankton

 ( abstract)



 L. Mahadevan (Harvard)

 Interaction between fluids and solids I - Soft hydraulics

 Interaction between fluids and solids II -  Elastohydrodynamics

 ( abstract)




 Todd Squires (Santa Barbara)
 Microrheology of complex fluids

 Active, nonlinear and interfacial rheology 





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