IUTAM symposium

150 Years of Vortex Dynamics    The Symposium has now taken place

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The contributors to this array of memories from the Symposium are:

Johan Rønby Pedersen
Olga Yakovenko
Dorte Glass
Yoshifumi Kimura
Dmytro Cherniy
Algimantas Milyus & Co


A symposium celebrating the 150-year anniversary of Helmholtz’s seminal paper on vortex dynamics.


International Scientific Committee:

• H. Aref (Copenhagen and Blacksburg)

• M. Brøns (Copenhagen)

• G. J. F. van Heijst (Eindhoven)

• S. Kida (Kyoto)

• V. V. Meleshko (Kiev)

• P. K. Newton (Los Angeles)

• H. K. Moffatt (Cambridge)


The IUTAM symposium was held at:

Oticon Auditorium
Technical University of Denmark
October 12-16, 2008


A summary of the symposium appears in:

150 Years of Vortex Dynamics
H. Aref, ed.
Springer (2010), ISBN 978-90-481-8583-2.
Also published as a Special Issue of Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics 24(1-4) 1-435 (2010), ISSN 0935-4964 (Print) 1432-2250 (Online).

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