Summer School 2013

The 2013 FluidDTU Summer School took place at
Krogerup Højskole August 4 - 10

The speakers were:


/-/media/Institutter/Fysik/Research/FLUIDS/BioComplex/english/summer_school_2013/john_bush_update.ashx John Bush (MIT)

 Interfacial Phenomena and Biocapillarity Pilot-wave hydrodynamics

/-/media/Institutter/Fysik/Research/FLUIDS/BioComplex/english/summer_school_2013/clanet_2011.ashx Christophe Clanet (Paris)

 Swimming & surfing
How to break records?

Jens Eggers Jens Eggers (Bristol)
 Similarity solutions and all that
Slow convergence - bubble breakup

Mimi Koehl Mimi Koehl (Berkeley)

 Navigating in a turbulent world
Sniffing by hairy noses:  Odor capture by crustacean antennules in turbulent environments

Eric Lauga Eric Lauga (UCSD)

 Low-Reynolds number flows
Low-Reynolds number flows in biology 

/-/media/Institutter/Fysik/Research/FLUIDS/BioComplex/english/summer_school_2013/jacco.ashxJacco Snoeijer (Twente)

Lubrication theory
Drop coalescence

Jane Wang Jane Wang (Cornell)

 Dragonflies in aerial pursuit of their prey
Falling, fluttering, tumbling, spinning, and evolution of seeds

/-/media/Institutter/Fysik/Research/FLUIDS/BioComplex/english/summer_school_2013/maciej.ashxMaciej Zwieniecki (UC Davis)

 The hydraulic life of 'dead wood':  biophysics of water transport in plants 
 Principles of leaf hydraulic design:  How micro-scale rheology mediates plant-environment interactions

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